Carth Onasi was a famous Human male soldier and an expert pilot born in 3,994 BBY on the planet Telos IV, where he would start a family with his wife, Morgana, that produced a son they named Dustil. He served in the Republic Naval Starfighter Corps, fighting for the Galactic Republic he loved above all else in such conflicts as the Mandalorian Wars against expanding Mandalorian clans, earning several honors for his bravery during combat. During the war, Onasi served under Admiral Saul Karath, who would become his greatest ally and mentor. After the the war's end, Onasi planned to leave the Navy and return to Telos to be with his family. However, such plans were put to an end when war heroes Revan and Malak, two Jedi who had decided to fight in the war, turned on the Republic, becoming Sith Lords while taking many Jedi that had followed him to war and the Republic soldiers who served under them with them when they created a Sith Empire that would oppose the Republic. During that conflict, Telos was attacked by Karath—who bombed the planet from his flagship, Leviathan, until it was made completely uninhabitable so he could prove his loyalty to the Sith. The orbital bombardment killed Morgana while Dustil, being Force-sensitive, was abducted by the Sith so he could be trained as a Dark Jedi. Onasi swore to seek revenge against Karath for the death of his family and the destruction of his homeworld; he would hold that grudge for three years.

At that time, 3,956 BBY, Onasi played a crucial role in the search for the Star Forge, the Sith's super-productive space factory that continually fed their fleet new ships. He was stationed aboard the Hammerhead-class cruiser Endar Spire over the planet Taris when it was attacked by the Sith, now lead by Malak after he had userped control from Revan. The former leader was then reprogrammed by the Jedi and made to forget his time as both a Jedi and a Sith before being placed in the Republic's armed forces aboard the Spire, where he met Onasi as the two were both fleeing the doomed ship. They temporarily settled on Taris while searching for Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, the only other person to survive the attack on the Spire. After finding her, the three fled Taris and Onasi would serve as the pilot of the Ebon Hawk, their personal starship, transporting the trio and a growing group of allies across the galaxy as they searched for Star Maps that would lead them to the Star Forge, a mission given to them by the Jedi Council. As they traveled through the stars, Onasi was able to both find his son, who was then turned from the Sith ways by Revan and his father, as well as enact his revenge upon Karath, whom the group killed aboard the Leviathan. Once the Forge was located during the Battle of Rakata Prime, Onasi


Mandalorian WarsEdit

"I'm not a warrior, I'm a soldier. There's a difference. Warriors attack and conquer, they prey on the weak. Soldiers defend and protect the innocent—usually from warriors."
―Carth Onasi to Canderous Ordo[src]

Carth Onasi lived on his homeworld of Telos IV, a planet in the Outer Rim, with his wife, Morgana, and son, Dustil.[6] He served in the planetary militia and later in the Republic Navy, where one of his first posts was in an orbital watch station over the planet Serroco.[7]

In 3,964 BBY, he served aboard the Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship Courageous as a helmsman[8] and was promoted to Lieutenant. At this point he was widely referred to by a pilot nickname, Fleet.[7] He participated in several battles, including the Battles of Vanquo and Serroco, where he met the fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick, disguised as a janitor named Shad Camper.[7]

The pair would later meet up again when "Shad Camper" stowed aboard Onasi's cargo ship. Carrick asked Onasi to bring him to Admiral Saul Karath due to a vision he had had of the Mandalorians attacking Serroco. At first, Onasi believed him to be a lunatic. After Carrick then demonstrated that he was in fact a Jedi, Onasi agreed to take him to Karath, though admitted they might get themselves killed for interrupting the admiral during battle preparations.[9]

Onasi brought him to Admiral Karath on the bridge of the Courageous. Karath was impressed with Onasi, not for returning Shad Camper, but for bringing him the fugitive Zayne Carrick. As Carrick protested his innocence of the Padawan Massacre of Taris, Karath ordered Onasi to inform the Revanchists, Jedi who decided to fight in the Mandalorian Wars, of Carrick's capture. Instead, Onasi attempted to contact a Jedi named Squint, whom Carrick said could prove his innocence. Despite being unable to make contact with Squint who was on a mission elsewhere, and so with his doubts as to Carrick's innocence, Onasi nevertheless believed his story of the vision of the destruction of the Stereb cities. As such, Onasi contacted seventeen cities on the planets surface to set off tornado alarms—hoping to drive anyone into underground shelters. Sure enough, Carrick's vision came true when the Mandalorians launched nuclear missiles and killed thousands on Serroco.[9]

When Carrick was sealed in a cell, Onasi paid him a visit and informed him of the possibility of survival on the surface.[9] However, the Courageous came under attack by the Mandalorians. While the rest of the crew was ordered to evacuate, Onasi, Admiral Karath and other Republic forces made their stand on the vessel as Mandalorian shock troopers boarded it. Backed into the brig, Karath ordered for Zayne Carrick's cell to opened to acquire his lightsaber, to cut into the cargo bays. However, his lightsaber was kept on board Onasi's ship, the Deadweight. Carrick had been prying out the bolts on the walls with the Force for several days and escaped, meting Onasi onboard the ship. Karath reluctantly took Carrick with them as they fled the Courageous on the Deadweight.[10]

Shortly after escaping from the Mandalorians, the Deadweight received a transmission from Eejee, Arkoh Adasca's servant, requesting Karath's presence at a meeting onboard the Arkanian Legacy. After being informed about the exogorths, Karath quickly redirected the ship to the Legacy. Onasi accompanied Karath, Morris, and Carrick onto Adasca's ship, and was just as shocked as his superiors at the arrival of Mandalore the Ultimate, leader of the Mandalorians.[11]

Disgusted at what he witnessed, as the exogorths were tested before Saul Karath and Mandalore the Ultimate, Carth Onasi excused himself to the Deadweight.[12] However, Onasi only visited it to grab Zayne Carrick's gear and lightsaber. Onasi returned his gear to Carrick when he discovered Lucien Draay and him standing about a piles of broken HK-24 units. Carrick came up with a plan stop Adasca. The plan would trick Mandalore the Ultimate into thinking Adasca had lured him into a trap. Carrick, disguised as a Mandalorian, shoved Onasi upon their return to the observatory, creating a distraction for Carrick to get close enough to Mandalore and Adasca. Lucien revealed himself and with the thought that Adasca betrayed him, Mandalore and his warriors opened fire on the Jedi and Adasca's HK-24 units. During the brawl, the elderly scientist, Gorman Vandrayk, seized control of the exogorths and plunged them into the Arkanian Legacy observatory, killing Arkoh Adasca. Onasi, Carrick and the Jedi managed to escape although Mandalore had also escaped to his shuttle. During the fight, Saul Karath was injured and needed to be carried back to the Deadweight, Morvis commanded Onasi to take Carrick. However, Onasi did not view Carrick as an enemy and allowed him to go free, bidding him farewell. Karath, Onasi, and Morvis successfully escaped the crumbling ship in the Deadweight and later reported to the Republic on the events on the Legacy.[13]

Despite the successful escape Onasi was removed from his bridge post for "losing" Zayne Carrick on the Arkanian Legacy. He was reassigned to the Lance Squadron, whose Aurek fighters were preventing Carrick from reaching Coruscant several months later. When Moomo Williwaw—the ship Carrick was on—entered Coruscant space, the squadron moved to intercept. Onasi demanded the ship to identify itself only to find that "Shad Camper" was indeed on board. Not being able to let Zayne escape again, he commanded the squadron to intercept the intruder. When they chased the Williwaw to the Swiftsure, Onasi's wingmate noticed that the Deadweight was flying away. He allowed his supply carrier to go, knowing that Zayne was on it.[14]

Despite letting Carrick escape once more, Onasi redeemed his post on the bridge of Switftsure and was present for the capture of Gladiator.[15]

Jedi Civil WarEdit

"I… could have stopped him. I could have stopped it all."
―Carth Onasi speaking of Saul Karath[src]

Shortly after the conclusion of the Mandalorian Wars, the former Republic hero Revan returned with a Sith armada to battle the Republic.[16] Soon the legions of Sith forces were joined by traitorous Republic servicemen; among these defectors one name stood out to Onasi from the rest: Admiral Saul Karath.[17]

Onasi viewed Saul as a mentor and hero and so he was devastated when, in a test of his Sith allegiance, Revan's apprentice Darth Malak, who was previously Squint, ordered Saul to bomb Telos, due to its strategic significance to the Republic. Upon hearing the news, Onasi rushed back to his home planet but was too late to save his wife, who died in his arms. To add to his emotional pain, his son had disappeared, and though Onasi searched for him, he eventually came to the conclusion that Dustil was dead. These events deeply affected Onasi, who from that point onwards, resolved never to trust anybody, lest he suffer betrayal again. He swore that if he ever had the opportunity, he would kill Saul Karath for what he had done.[18]

Onasi eventually found himself on board the Endar Spire as mostly an advisor, carrying Bastila Shan, a Jedi whose abilities were vital to the success of the war effort. However, the ship was attacked and boarded by Sith forces over the Outer Rim world of Taris. When Bastila and the remainder of the crew abandoned ship, Onasi remained behind to wait for and help survivors; however, there remained only one lone Republic soldier. The pair then took the last escape pod and crash-landed onto the planet below.[16]

The other soldier was in fact Revan, though mentally reprogrammed by the Jedi Council and using a different name.[19] Revan was knocked out in the escape pod's rough landing, and Onasi had to care for him for some time before he recovered consciousness.[20] When Revan came around, they began exploring Taris, searching for information concerning Bastila's whereabouts. They learned of other escape pods that had crashed in the Undercity, and struck a bargain with Gadon Thek, the leader of the Hidden Beks swoop gang.[21] Successfully rescuing Bastila, as well as picking up a street urchin known as Mission Vao and a Wookiee named Zaalbar, the group worked to find a way off-planet, which came in the form of the starship known as the Ebon Hawk. The Ebon Hawk was held by local crime lord Davik Kang, and the group recruited the aid of the Mandalorian Canderous Ordo to steal it. They also required clearance codes to escape from Taris, and so three of the group broke into the local Sith base and obtained the codes. Retrieving the remaining members, they made it past the Sith blockade and escaped Taris.[22]

Upon their escape from the Sith bombardment of Taris, Onasi became pilot of the newly-acquired Ebon Hawk, which the group then used to reach the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.[23] As Bastila discussed the matter of their Force-sensitive companion with the Dantooine Council, Onasi expressed his disgruntlement with being "left out of the loop". Eventually it was decided to train Revan, who had no knowledge of his former identity, as a Jedi. Shortly afterwards, the Council gave Bastila and the new Jedi Padawan an assignment to discover the location of the Star Forge—an assignment Onasi begrudgingly assisted them with, despite feeling he could be doing more good on the front lines.[24]

The journey for the Star Forge took the crew of the Ebon Hawk to the planets Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan and Korriban. On these four planets, the group searched for ancient artifacts known as Star Maps. Onasi grew suspicious of Revan's presence with them, wondering why the Jedi Council would send a neophyte Padawan along with them on their quest. Onasi eventually demanded that Revan tell him what the Jedi Council had told him—something Bastila refused herself to do. Revan did inform Onasi of the Force bond he and Bastila shared. However Onasi did not believe that was the only reason why Revan was with them—still unaware of Revan's true identity as the former Dark Lord, the true reason behind Revan's presence.[25]


"I've fought Saul for years, now, and if I ever catch up to him… he will regret what he's done. He will regret it."
―Carth Onasi speaking of Saul Karath[src]

Eventually the ever-growing group was seized by the Leviathan, Saul Karath's vessel. At last Onasi found himself face to face with the admiral, yet a force-cage barred his path to revenge. Karath interrogated the group, and tortured all of them when Revan refused to divulge any information. Faced with unfaltering resistance, Karath eventually gave up and left them in their cages–but not before giving them all a strong dose of "Sith mercy".[26]

The resourceful team soon escaped imprisonment with the assistance of a decoy member of the party, and Onasi, Revan, and Bastila set out to free the Ebon Hawk from the docking bay. On the bridge, they faced Saul Karath, allowing Onasi to finally exact his revenge, though Revan counseled him to avoid giving in to his hatred. Regardless, Karath was mortally wounded, and in his final moments, revealed a horrible truth to Onasi: that his mysterious companion was none other than the amnesiac Revan, former Dark Lord of the Sith.[27] Devastated, Onasi reluctantly accepted the judgment of the other party members to continue the quest, but still watched Revan, whom he had so recently began to actually trust, for any sign of a fall.[28] Eventually, he admitted that while he wanted to blame Revan for his losses, he could not bring himself to hate him. Onasi confessed that he had exacted his revenge when Saul Karath was killed, but it did not bring him peace. He then offered Revan his loyalty, along with a promise that, if necessary, he would save Revan from himself.[29]

During their travels, Onasi also encountered his lost son, Dustil, on the Sith planet of Korriban.[30] He was again forced to confront his hatred of the Sith when it was revealed that his son had joined them, blaming his father for failing to protect the family. After finding proof that the Sith had lied to Dustil about the death of a classmate, Revan and Onasi were finally able to convince the boy of the evils of the Sith, and Carth was relieved when his son abandoned the dark side. Dustil told his father that he would meet him on Telos later, and there they could begin to repair their relationship.[31]

The Star ForgeEdit

"You make it sound so easy. Just fly over and boom. One less Star Forge in the universe…"
―Mission Vao to Carth Onasi[src]

After finding Star Maps on Tatooine, Manaan, Dantooine, Kashyyyk, and Korriban, Revan's crew followed the combined coordinates to the location of the Star Forge. Onasi sent word to the Republic fleet, but before they could prepare a plan of attack, a disruptor field around the planet that the Star Forge was orbiting brought the Ebon Hawk crashing down toward the planet's surface.[32]

Onasi managed to land the ship on a beach, but its stabilizers were badly damaged. While Revan, Juhani, and Jolee Bindo set off to disable the disruptor field, Onasi made repairs to the Ebon Hawk. When Revan returned Onasi flees in terror when he is told that Revan has returned to the Darkside. Consequently, he does not appear in the sequel if the player says that Revan followed the dark side, replaced by Admiral Cede. With the Ebon Hawk gone, Onasi's only conceivable means of escape would be Bastila's shuttle as it is not used in this ending.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I'm just a soldier; I go where the fleet Admirals tell me to. I follow my orders and I do my duty."
―Carth Onasi[src]

Carth Onasi's foremost trait was his loyalty, a dedication to the Republic and its ideals he held above everything else. A very close second was his family, who were "everything" to him. Even four years after being widowed by the Telos bombing, he was still unable to let go of his wife's memory, something he continued to cherish.

Because his loyalty towards Saul Karath was answered by such devastating betrayal, he had begun to expect the worst from everyone.[17] It was only with great patience on Revan's part that he was able to gain Onasi's trust. In the end, Revan proved to be just as untrust worthy as the rest. He had little choice but to trust the very person he blamed above even Saul for the destruction of Telos and the troubles of his beloved Republic. When Revan made the final choice to return to the dark side, no one was more sadden to hear it than Onasi.[6]

After the destruction of Telos, Onasi believed he had nothing left and devoted himself to the fleet, claiming that "Hunting Saul was my only purpose." However, after killing his nemesis, Onasi found that he was still not at peace with himself and his past.[27] Even when he discovered his companion's true identity as Revan, he found himself unable to hate him.

[edit] AbilitiesEdit

Onasi was a dedicated soldier and a cunning tactician, able to efficiently and expertly handle a variety of weapons, but blaster pistols were his specialty. He was a quick draw, and also skilled in dual weapon fighting.[6]

Trask Ulgo described Onasi as "one of the Republic's best pilots."[18] During his travels with Revan, Onasi proved his skill in flying when he flew the Ebon Hawk across the galaxy.[6] Close encounters that demonstrated his skill included piloting the Ebon Hawk out of the Sith orbital bombardment of Taris, landing the Hawk safely on the surface of Lehon when its stabilizers were fried, and penetrating the Sith fleet surrounding the Star Forge with only a light starfighter escort. Onasi also demonstrated some mechanical aptitude, as when he pinpointed the problems with the Hawk after the Lehon landing and later repaired the ship.[40]

[edit] Carth Onasi's BlasterEdit

Onasi carried a modified blaster pistol based on an Arkanian design, upgraded with more modern Republic technology. It bore his family symbol, making it immediately recognizable. He also carried a second blaster pistol, but unlike his primary weapon, it was simply a standard Republic model.[6]

In his journeys, the Jedi Exile came in possession of a blaster pistol that bore the Onasi family symbol. It is likely that Onasi lost the pistol sometime after his adventures with Revan, although it is also possible that this was simply a replica, or a weapon belonging to some other member of the Onasi family.


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